Keisai Eisen – Bijin-ga Master of the Edo Period – 31st March 20th April 2023

A Beauty with Umbrella, (Aizuri-e print) c. late 1820’s, 257 x 385mm
A Beauty Reading a Letter, 1820, 230 x 697mm
Cheerful Looking, Ryôgoku Bridge, from the series Twelve Views of Modern Beauties, 1822-23, 246 x 360mm
from the series Eight Views of Fukugawa District, 1830, 2509 x 360mm
Courtesan Shiratama in Tama-yu House, c. 1810, 245 x 354mm
Fukugawa, from the series One Hundred Famous Places in Edo for Flowers, c. 1830
Imayo Bijin (modern woman), c. 1815, 260 x 380mm
Brett McDowell Gallery